SEO vs. PPC – Which one should you invest in?

SEO and PPC both can get you more traffic to your website. These strategies rank your site higher in search engine results pages, and so there is more chance that your site will be viewed by the audience.

What are they?

SEO is the process that increases the site’s quality so that it is ranked higher by the search engines. PPC is a paid advertising campaign that appears on the top of the Google page. You need to pay per click made to these adverts.

What are the differences?

SEO increases your site’s natural organic search rankings; that is, it increases the quality of your site. It is a long-term process that can get excellent results. SEO is very challenging as there are lots of competitions in the market. SEO increases the brand authority and quality of your site. You need to set goals before you start your SEO campaign. Once you build authority, you will have more quality customers visiting your site, and the conversion rate will be higher.

PPC lets your website appear on the first page of search results within a day and so increases brand awareness. PPC is harder to manage than SEO. It is more expensive than SEO. The price per click can be anything from a few pennies to more than $50. If done properly, this method can be very effective.

Which is better?

There are 850% of people clicking on organic search results rather than on the paid ones. On the other hand, the conversion rate is 1.5 times more for PPC campaigns. If managed properly, SEO is 500% more effective than PPC. If you need an instant boost, PPC will be the right choice. But if you use it the wrong you, you will end up paying more money without any effective results. SEO is a long term investment and leads to the overall improvement of your brand. This method is very subjective and depends on the various keywords that you use. PPC is appropriate for those who are ready to invest their money and needs instant recognition. SEO is a long term campaign and generate higher quality leads. Using both PPC and SEO campaigns will give the best results for your business.


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