The 4 largest sources of traffic in the entire world

Some sites attract millions of traffic all around the world. These sites are very popular and are always the source fo the largest traffic. The largest sources of traffic now are:



This site lets users search the world’s information. Users can search for web pages, videos, images, news, articles, etc. 33.3% of visitors in the USA chooses Google for searching content. Its bounce rate is 22.5%, and daily page view per visitor is 16.73.



It is a platform to get videos to the audience. Anyone can upload, tag and share the video. The bounce rate for this site is 33.50%, and the daily page view per visitor is 12.85. It is the most popular site for seeing videos.



It is a social platform that connects people. Visitors can know their friends’ whereabouts; upload photos and videos, share links and messages, etc. It is now used by businesses as a marketing platform. Its bounce rate is 29.50% and page view per visitor every day is 9.40.



It is the most used Chinese language search engine. It provides simple and reliable search facility. You can search for multi-media content like MP3 music and movies. It is the first site that offered WAP and PDA-based mobile search in China. It has 6.79 daily pageviews per visitor and a bounce rate of 17.7%.

People all over the world visit these sites everyday for searching information, viewing videos, and connecting with people. More and more visitors are relying on these sites every day for work and personal reasons. Use these sites for your information search and sharing purposes.

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